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The Computer Virus

Computer Virus | Computer Repair WollongongA computer virus, a devastating type of software, designed to target your computer and cause absolute chaos. This virus has the potential to cause major problems and in some cases, damaging your computer hardware and possible data loss. Much like an organic virus that infects living things, a computer virus can also make your computer very sick.

A virus can attach itself to any application in your program directory, such as a word processing application. Each time the application runs, so does the virus. During this process, it is the perfect time for the virus to replicate, infecting more unsuspecting applications. This may cause serious damage to your operating system. If you suspect your PC becomes infected with a computer virus, it will need to be taken to an accredited computer service center.

You might be wondering where these viruses come from? That’s a very good question. Let me answer that for you. Computer viruses may come from a select few people a.k.a. the evil programmer. These programmers are set on the path of software destruction. So before your computer falls prey to these bugs, contact Comserv IT to ensure you have the best virus protection software available.


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