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What is Malware

What is Malware?

Short for malicious software, malware is a relatively new phenomenon in the computer world. So what is it? It is a software, developed for the sole purpose to cause havoc on your PC and internal network.

So what is Malware comprised of? Usually computer viruses, worms and Trojan horses.
You might be wondering how your computer could be infected with malware? Let me answer that for you. The main sources of infections are from internet downloads, email attachments, removable flash drives, and data files located on a local area network.

Before malware can infect your pc, it needs to be installed. The first step to the initial infection is when the user executes the file; you will usually find that malware will use tricky techniques allowing it to secure at least one execution in every boot up process. Malware uses startup, a component of the computer operating system and in most cases, to start itself on every boot sequence.

Computer technicians usually need to boot the computer in safe mode before trying to remove this malicious software as it will continue to reinstall itself as soon as it’s removed in normal mode.

Currently, one effective form of protection is a program called Malwarebytes Professional. This is the most proven tool to date in the fight against malware.

Where Does Malware come from? Due to the growing organised-crime syndicates throughout the world, malware has been born. There are many purposes to malware, one is to steal your personal details. These can be achieved with a fake alert Trojan. This software is designed to deceive in every way possible by familiar graphical designs to trusted software on the market, one of the many ploys is to use scare tactics, by informing you that you have been infected with hundreds of viruses. This usually results in the unsuspecting user paying with their credit card for what they think is a legitimate anti-virus program. Unfortunately, there are to many victims at the fate of this criminal program.


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