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Home Networks


Home Networks have advanced at an incredible rate in the past ten years, with future technologies in the home; from the home PC to the smart fridge the possibilities are endless. Comserv IT recognises the needs for a diverse range of services, and that’s why we take the time to find out what you can do in your home to make life a little more entertaining or just simple!

Comserv IT technicians are accredited specialists in-network engineering, and it is a requirement for our technicians to be A+ certified. The international standard. If you have a smart TV, gaming console, laptop or maybe the new home security systems to monitor on your phone whilst you are away, then call us to find out more.


Home Office Networks


In the last 10 years, more and more out of home businesses have taken off. Comserv IT recognises and provides a service that specialises in your home business needs. Home businesses usually do not require a server, like a traditional small business, however, the need to be able to protect their data and utilise technologies to make them more efficient in the current climate is still essential .

That’s why Comserv IT specialise in packages for home businesses, so if you have a home office and need expert advice, call Comserv IT today!


Business Networks


If you have a business, you will understand the need to have important IT Infrastructure in place. Comserv IT can provide you with all your IT support requirements. If you require back-up solutions, e-mail hosting, or you just need a business server, then we can assist. Comserv IT is more than a support company, we look for solutions to enhance your business with the latest technologies.

We do not try to sell solutions that you do not need, however, offer you options along with the benefits. Comserv IT can easily set up your business specifically tailoring your network infrastructure around the requirements of your business. No matter what the budget, Comserv IT are dedicated to providing services to match your business needs.



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