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Laptop Repairs

At Comserv IT, we pride ourselves with quality technical workmanship when it comes to repairing laptops. Comserv IT is a one-stop personal computer repair center. With over 15 years industry experience our specialized technicians are experienced in dealing with high volumes of laptop repairs. At Comserv IT, our service center is the only HP certified repair center in Wollongong! Earning the privilege to provide Hewlett Packard with our very own specialised services.

The benefits of you taking your laptop to our service centre can be measured by our speedy reliable service times. We provide you with a detailed fault report, to ensure the service you are after is what you are paying for. Comserv IT are knowledgeable technicians, and specialise in a range of different brands. Comserv IT are dedicated to providing you an honest and transparent service you can trust, ensuring your computer services are running for a long time to come.

Our personal computer repair centre offers mobile computer repairs, so if you would prefer a Comserv IT technician to come directly to you; that will be no problem at all.

Comserv IT’s Laptop Repair Centre services:


Please check our service area to find if you are in the range of our mobile computer repair service. If you are, not to worry, Comserv IT have it covered with our courier services for a small fee.

Screen Repairs For Laptops

Comserv IT understands accidents can happen. If you have dropped your laptop, and the screen has cracked, well you are not the first. You will find this a very common problem that many people experience, so if you’re having problems, don’t panic! We have genuine and re-manufactured screens for all budgets.

Keyboard Repairs For Laptops

Have you accidentally spilled liquid on your notebook keyboard or maybe one of the keys has come off the keyboard? Comserv IT can help; call us today for detailed quote for repairing or replacing these little accidents.

Laptop Chargers

Laptop chargers fail frequently. Comserv IT have plenty of stock for all makes and models of laptop chargers. Call us today to find out more.

DC Input for Laptops

The DC input can sometimes become to lose from wear and tear from unplugging and plugging in your charger, in some cases this can cause more serious damage to other components, like your charger or the system board, or as some people call it, the Mother Board. Do not wait until it’s too late to fix a relatively minor issue! Call us today to find out more.

System Boards For Laptops

System Boards are by far one of the most expensive parts to replace and should only be attempted by certified technicians. Manufacturers have special utilities that need to be run after replacement. If these utilities are not run, issues may arise with the software that was supplied to you when you purchased your laptop. If proper procedures are not followed you may get a Microsoft Windows non-genuine message  appear several weeks after replacement of the system board.  It is crucial the correct information has been hard coded or what they called tattooed into the system board, to avoid other problems.

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