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HP Z800 Desktop, described as a masterpiece of classic design.

The sleek design of the Z800 is something to write home about with its well-designed case it is a real contender in the high end workstation market. Excessive Noise usually a major issue with such a high-powered machine has been attended to with perfection, it is nearly impossible to hear any background noises from the computer. It is also difficult see the usually ugly cables; they have been carefully tucked away beyond the naked eye.The Desktop interestingly has 2 strong handles for moving it around (in case a need arises) which makes it much easier to relocate with an evenly dispersed weight over the 2 handles.

The Z800 Boast 2 x 1TB hard drives giving you plenty of space to store all your important data files. Amazingly the Workstation has 2 x Xeon 6 core Processors with a massive 12 MB cache. The workstation is unbelievable offering a maximum memory capacity of 192 GB Ram and 12 GB standard, and when you add a 1 GB Quadro 2000 Graphics card this computer is surly a powerhouse to be reckoned with. The machine is easy to repair with interchangeable parts and a tool-less design which is an innovational master piece.

The green touch points throughout the computer make removing the panels an easy affair. The HP Z800 Desktop is an extremely stable machine with an incredibly well designed chassis. I believe this is one of HP’s great master pieces of design, and definitely is a power to reckon with. The desktop boasts many great qualities and is Hewlett Packards number 1 performer in their newest series of desktops.

The HP Z800 Desktop has only very best features: It offers incredible performance; its power consumption is relatively low and very affordable due to its cooling system. The power supply does not take a lot of time and energy to remove in fact if there is need for replacement.There are no cables attached, it is similar to replacing a hot swappable hard drive which is a amazing feature for fast repair times when in the unfortunate occasion power supply fails.

HP Z800 Desktop is a desktop that can be opened and worked on by almost anyone because of its smart design. There is not room for screw-drivers here. Its plastic grooves were a clear thought out plan. Most of the components are within reach. It also has 15 serial slots which leaves plenty of room for upgrading. It has 9 available USB ports which are used to connect the keyboard, mouse, microphone and any other device as is required.

The Z800 Desktop is backed with a 3 year next business day warranty giving you comfort in knowing that in the event the Z800 does need to be repaired by and Authorised HP Service Centre or technician you can be assured it will be at no cost to you.

The Z800 is priced between $10,000 to $11,000 AU

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