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HP Proliant ML330 Generation 6 (G6) Overview

A brief overview of this HP generation 6 server shows that; it is a dual processor tower platform built on Intel's Xeon processors using the (QPI) technology to create a unique system structure. Its uniqueness allows both small business enterprises and large business organisations optimise their IT(information technology) departments by integrating specific features tailored to suit their business programs or objectives. With these platforms, HP has successfully delivered one of the most powerful embedded management system's technologies to business owners which allow you manage your servers from any location.

The Design and Setup

HP's Proliant ML330 is mainly designed in the traditional way of its peers and the breakdown of its design is:

  •     Its Interior; it possesses a spacious interior which contains or can contain; 3 PCIe 2 slots, a non-RAID configured SATA hard drive and a couple (two) of optical hard drives.

  •   Cooling fans: it is equipped with three cooling fans with the major fan situated at the back for cooling the box to ensure its smooth operation.

  •   Its Casing: it comes in a compact metal casing which allows it to be placed in limited spaces without causing any obstructions.

The HP ML330 G6 Unique Features

The features of this unique system where developed to suit its architecture and maximise its performance. Its features include:

  •     It maximises Intel's Ultimate 6 core processors with the latest QPI technology combined with different applications to ensure faster performance or execution.

  •    It supports two Xeon processors due to its unique architectural build.

  •    It supports Intel's 5600 processor series.

  •  It is equipped with advanced RAID controllers that provide data protection facilities and increases its hard disk efficiency.

  •    Its HP Integrated lights out 2 management facilities helps simplify; server set-ups, powering and heat/thermal control. It works without the need of additional software to back it up.

Benefits of HP Proliant ML330 G6

The ML330 G6 is a solid server that can be used to benefit small and large scale business through its features in the following ways:

  •    Its security features provide standard security for its users. It is equipped a power on password, serial interface control, front bezel/side access panel lock and keyboard/ mouse/ usb port lock to limit its use by outsiders.

  •    It comes with an in-built management software (HP service pack) which helps users maintain its firmware and software.

  •    The HP system insight management watches the server giving staff/ its user’s freedom to work on other tasks.

  •   It efficiently supports your business through its adequate storage memory and trusted platform module (TPM) which encrypts and protect sensitive data.

  •    HP also offers the option of leasing it to reduce cost for small business operators.


The HP Proliant ML330 G6 is a powerful server that can be used by business owners to solve diverse issues such as; acting as a dedicated server, running different software and server apps. Its pricing is flexible therefore it allows all type of users to create the perfect payment plan to suit their budgets. We highly recommend it for small business enterprises.

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