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HP Pro Book 4530S is HP’s Smartest Kid on The Block

The Pro Book 4530S is the newest kid on the block when it comes to Pro books.  It is smart, easy to carry around, stylish and definitely looks good.  It comes fully built with 4GB Ram capacity and 750GB HDD and WL-BGN, BT.  Apart from its classic brush aluminum finish, it boasts of a spill resistant keyboard which is soft to the touch and a comfortable feedback.   One of the noted features of the keyboard is its clear distinction between the number pads, making it easy and efficient for use when typing figures or upon being used by financial institutions.

Size and Usability

Measuring 15.6"HD-LED, HP Pro Book 4530S weighs close to 2.5 to 3kgs.  It size makes it easy to carry around and be used literally anywhere.  HP Pro Book 4530S does not heat-up easily even after long-time use.  It has a 6-cell battery that can go up-to 5 hours of continuous use making the product one of the best cost effective devices of its product group.   The security conscious devices have a finger print reader and interestingly, face recognition technology as a security measure in protecting its users’ data.  Reflections and anti-glare are some of the features that are taken care of. Hence, using the device outside should not be a big deal.

Available features that make HP Pro Book 453oS a must have device is that it is fully built with a powerful DVDRW.  This makes it easy and convenient in writing movies and or even music with less effort. Apart from the DVDRW slots, also availed are 4 USB ports (2 on the right and 2 on the left sides), and Express Card Slot strategically placed at the front.  Distinctly placed at the front are the headphone and the microphone slots.  The touch-pad measures a maximum of 3.6 x 2.1 inches.  For those who prefer to use a mouse, a mouse-cable slot is availed.

The INTEL I5-2430M processor does not come cheap and is best suited for small businesses and individual use.  HP Pro Book 453S comfortably sits on rubber buds and does not slide even when placed on the table or on the lap.  It definitely offers good value for money considering the features and the services it is offering.  Notably, it is the first ever amongst the devices to have come with a completely new kind of case.  The whole device is held with two hinges making it easy to open and does not fall back as the weight is controlled.  It boasts of being rated the best in Energy Star and is compatible with Windows 7 PRO 64bit.   It is stable and has an impressive 1 Year next business day onsite warranty.

Upon purchase, buyers have the option of signing for the Optional 5 year warranty available on request.  This is only done on request by customers upon purchase.  Customers are also offered Accidental Damage Care Packs. Upon launch of such products, there are notable shortfalls, the available criticisms are fewer and the only notable one when it comes to HP Pro Book 453oS is that it is lacking Skype certification.

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