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HP 6000 Pro Small Form Factor, Powerful and Reliable

HP 6000 ProHP 6000 Pro Small Form Factor is better set in small organizations and/or for individual use.  It is HP’s current innovative microcomputers in the market.  Made with greater flexibility and a notably long life cycle, the C2D-8400 Processor comes with a 4GB Ram which is upgradable as need arises from time to time.  Upgrading is done either through Intel Core 2 and or through Pentium.  This remains one of the best ever computers with a low power consumption and an energy efficient large screen.  The HP LE2201WM 22Inch Monitor makes work enjoyable through the large screen monitor and a better clearer viewing.

HP 6000 Pro Small Form Factor is credited with being Green Compliant and boasts of one of the best-rated Energy Star products in the IT industry.   The 1 Terabyte Hard Drive is one of the most reliable desktop applications of the 21st century; bringing technology to a totally different level.  Due to its size, the desktop computer can fit even into small spaces.   This HP computer is built with a better security protection than the rest.  This feature has been made possible with the added security system making it one of secure computers when it comes to data protection.  Its power saving system and operation is amongst the best.

Advantages of HP 6000 Pro Small Form Factor

It has been noted that with the use of this desktop computer electricity bills drop considerably as its power saving system is sound and time tested.  It is easy to set-up and provides a better usability without recording notable faults.  The durability of the key features and the nature of their functionalities are exemplary.   The device is solid and has managed to withstand the test of time due to its multitasking abilities (without slowing down), and amongst others its excellent performance. For example, availability of the DVDRW makes it easier to install programs and even download software.


The W7P64 (32) mode made up of essential security features are some of the benefits that are consistent with this fascinating machine.  6000 Pro Small Form Factor can be bought online or directly from certified dealers in conjunction with HP.  When it comes to cost, it might be a little costlier compared to other HP’s brand of desktop computers.  But that aside, this is the best ever secure, decent, reliable and credit worthy computer in the market.
This product is a personal computer and comes with amongst other things a 3YR Next Business Day Warranty.  The computer boasts of a large number of USB ports ever.  To be precise, they are twelve in number.  This makes it easy to use the other available ports incase one fails.  Some of the available care pack warranties include-
-     3 Year Warranty

-     Accidental Damage Care Packs

-       9 x 5 Next Business days Onsite Warranty

-          24x7 Onsite Warranty

-          Warranties of up to 5 years on all products

The desktop comes fully equipped with an installed Windows operating system.  Its total weight ranges close to 8 kgs.   Expandability is also one of the in-built features that come with the 6000 Pro Small Form Factor

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