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Exposing the Fascinating Features of HP TOUCHSMART 610-1101

HP TOUCHSMART 610-1101A  launched in August 2011 comes with an LCD display panel of approximately 23 inches (58.42 cm).  The LCD comes with reclining features for maximum comfort, The product boasts 320-GB Hard Drive. Hp have clearly steered away from their traditional desktop computers by investing considerably in the HP All-in-One computer. The computer's features are more geared towards Mac’s and is one of the most interesting featured desktops by Hp.  The 610-1001a has impressive response times and is one of the most efficient computers it Hp range of All-In-Ones.

The HP TOUCHSMART 610-1101A has the abilityto have large hard-disk storage capacity's with up 1.5TB to be precise and coupled with Memory 4-GB DDR3 it is sure to pack a punch.  Interestingly, it comes with only 3 USB ports and a 6-in-1 memory card reader which is in some ways lacking to provide an ability to have more than 3 USb devices connected. It is listed as the best desktop ever to released in its range with perfect controlled 2 x 1 speakers.  Playing music and listening to movies can never be better through its inbuilt Stereo Sound. The price range is $1,450 - $2000 giving you great value for money.

HP TOUCHSMART 610-1101A Lcd Screeen measures approximately 23" Integrated TFT Widescreen with a constant ratio of 1000.1.  Touchsmart comes fully built with Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) and a pre-loaded Microsoft Office Starter 2010. To effectively preload the Starter it is important to buy a key card for preloading purposes.  For those who love gaming, nothing comes it provides an Integrated Intel HD Graphics chipset which will play most games released on the market. The HP Touchsmart has TV Tuner Mini PCIe Card which allows you to watch all your tv shows from your PC. The Touchsmart also comes with a Intel Core i3-15-17-Processor it boasts two distinctive features.  Firstly, is its slim design and secondly, the ability setup the computer quickly. 

HP TOUCHSMART 610-1101A has been made with various touch-screen applications making it easier and efficient to flip through applications.  The computer well designed rival to Sony's all-in-one and Mac range of computers.

The The HP Touchsmart 610 is backed with a 3 year next business day warranty giving you comfort in knowing that in the event the 610 does need to be repaired by and Authorised HP Service Centre or technician you can be assured it will be at no cost to you.

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