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Envy 100 Printer: A Review of an Amazing ePrint Product

Home printing has never been made easier than now with the Envy 100 Printer.  Envy 100 Printer is the printer that allows one to print at his or her convenience since you can print from anywhere anytime.  The product is one of the easiest user friendly wireless printers to connect around the home. This implies that it is threeG/Wi-Fi ready.   For those considering cutting costs, nothing would have come at a better time.  The Energy rated star comes with the following notable functions  that include; print, copy, scan and fascinating Web functions, just to name a few.  It remains one of the first ever printers to use an eco friendly cartridge (70% recycled plastics) making it an environmental friendly item for comfortable home use.   Considering the size of the printer, the quality of printing is incredible.

Defining the Envy 100 Printer in simpler words would be to say - adding cutting-edge design to wireless, web-connected printing. This compact e-all-in-one comes with fascinating features that include HP ePrint functionalities and a high-resolution touch-screen that redefines the way you print, copy and scan at home. Moreover, it is the planet's first PVC-free printer.  Setting it up is easier than ever and takes less time than other printer products in the market.  The DIY instructions are easier to read and understand by literally everyone who can read and write.  The printer comes with amongst others an accessory bag, a power cord, cartridge (black and tri-color) and finally yet importantly, a reference guide CD software.

Interestingly Envy 100 Printer boasts of a wide compatibility with different operating environments.  It is Mac’s and Windows compatible and coupled with an Air print support, printing can be done from iPhone and iPad.  Saving on paper use has never been easier.  The two sided-printing features help in saving considerably on paper. With a print Speed of up to 22 ppm, nothing could have come at a better time with greater efficiency.  Envy 100 Printer boasts of being the first ever 21st century’s remote printing service. The Paper Tray holds Up to 80 Pages. It is not visible and is retractable.  The quality of photos is topmost since photos dry faster, are clear and above all can last up to several generations.

Envy 100 Printer is a new generation color printer capable of handling home printing with ease and its size makes it fit easily anywhere in the home and can even print on the go if connected to power source.  The product is best suited for moderate use around the home.  It is small, smart and sleek amongst its other notable features. To print effectively from the web, a network base is best set before printing directly from the web.  It is not only a printer; it doubles up as a scanner.  Even though it is has only been praised for its printing features, its scanning capacity should not go unnoticed.  The scanner is made of glass and sits at the top.

This noise-less printer cum scanner is a welcomed addition to any home office.  Printing can be done through a memory card through the available slots.  It also boasts of USB port amongst its other features.  The available reviews give clear and better understanding of the effectiveness of this printer technology.  Envy 100 Printer, a multi-function printer makes it easier than ever to print documents and come with a clean one-year warranty upon purchase.

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